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 Grassroots – The Best Poker League in the UK

For more than 3 years Grassroots Poker League has paid out the largest tournament prizes than any other league in the UK. We are the only poker league that pays more in prize money than it collects in fees. Our quarterly Regional Final in Manchester has paid at least £3,000 every tournament. We can do this because we do not keep any player fees. For example; Redtooth Poker makes a profit by keeping a proportion of the money collected from players and venues. We are also fortunate to have two great sponsors; Devilfish Casino and Latereg Poker News.

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Great Kit Packages and Savings to Get You Started

“I have been a landlord, I know Grassroots improves sales, but I also know the outlay for equipment can be difficult to find. Which is why I have put together these packages to help. It is a ‘no-brainer!” Andy Power, Director at Grassroots Poker.                                                                                                                                photo showing a poker table and chips

We can provide you with the equipment and know-how to make your poker nights a success. No other poker league in the UK does this, please take a few minutes to have a look Offers

“We are so busy, we are having to turn players away!”

This is the problem the Rose n’ Bowl in Bacup is having with Grassroots Poker. The venue has always been popular. However, the venue has reached maximum number of players it can hold comfortably and they have had to turn players away. The poker nights are so popular that every week around 50 players turn up.This is testament to the hard work that the poker night organizer Mike Platt puts in and also to the popularityy of Grassroots with players. If you would like to see poker in your venue or local then let us know Here

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Increase footfall in your venue with a low-costs, on-trend entertainment option

Great Cash Prizes

Great Cash Prizes

25% of your players qualify to quarterly tournaments with a minimum £3,000 prize fund.