Welcome! Grassroots Poker is the only poker league in the United Kingdom that pays out more in prize money than it receives in venue fees! We are Legal, we do not charge per player or ‘franchise fees’.

Grassroots Poker is simple to organise and operate in your pub or club, if you are not already playing poker in your local then let us know and we can help arrange your poker night, contact us here. We charge just £20 fee per game and it does not matter whether you have 10 players or 50 players a night, the fee is the same. We can provide the best in poker equipment, should you require and everything you need to promote your poker nights.

Every venue is Guaranteed to have players at the Quarterly and Annual Tournaments regardless of how many players you have on your poker nights. It’s simple; 25% of your average players will qualify for seats at the live tournaments. Quarterly tournaments have a minimum £3,000.

Join us now for the start of the next Season (July 1st) and the first month is FREE!


Season 4 Final - Nov 6th