Hi all, below are the qualifying numbers for venues, I am sure you will all agree that it is only fair that venues qualify the correct amount of players. This final we are very restrained with numbers. I will need the names of your players no later than Friday before the final, in order that I can give to casino TD.

Providing the numbers below are correct, we should have availability to offer ‘last chance’ seats for your players. Why not run a tourney or a SNG with a Final seat as a prize?. Each seat costs £50 and will be added value on the day. For example; 14 player knockout £50 cash or a seat to winner, £20 to second, or a 10 seater SNG. It is totally up to you but the player winning a ticket must be a league player with a minimum of 5 weeks play in you venue.

If anyone has any problems or would like to discuss further then please email info@grassrootspoker.co.uk I am away until 27th July but someone will be on hand.

Leigh Arms 4
Hare n Hounds 5
lloyds 3
Peels Arms 3
Belgrave Social Club 3
Sedgley Park Rugby Club 9
Thornhill Briggs (Wed) 3
Oldham Poker Club 7
Ryans Bar 4
Bulls Head 3
Rose n Bowl 12
Thornhill Briggs (Mon) 3
Swinton Leisure 6
Total Qualifying Players 65