A newly proposed bill (Nevada State Bill 40) if passed could stop pro poker players from being staked into tournaments such as the WSOP. The bill made public on the 23rd of this month has been hotly discussed on the poker forum TwoPlusTwo. It was gaming attorney David Gzech who informed the community that if the bill was passed ‘it would prohibit and criminalise player-to-player staking for brick-and-mortar tournaments” also a person found guilty of staking could face six months prison and/or a fine up to $5,000. ‘Staking’ meaning a person paying a proportion of a poker players’ tournament entry fee in return for a share of any prizes won in that tournament has been around as long as a deck of cards. In recent years the massive tournament prizes on offer in poker has also meant a massive increase in the number of people looking to stake a player.


Would it make a difference to Grassroots Players? Yes, especially if you were heading to the WSOP to play, the tournaments will be softer, without staking the fields will be much smaller and there will be an increase in recreational players.

Would it make a difference to the pros? For sure, however the poker press report that less and less professional players are staked and that they prefer to concentrate on bankroll management using their own funds to enter tournaments. But I can tell you that many pros have been discussing this new bill over the last few days.

Would it make a difference to the WSOP? Without a doubt, the ‘One for One Drop’ wouldn’t happen, if it did it would probably be a single heads-up game! As there are probably only two players in the world that would use their own money for it. Players were even selling their action on Twitter last year! The Main Event would be severely hit. Many Americans satellite into the WSOP both live and online and then sell a stake in themselves in order to pay for their travel to Vegas and their accommodation while they are there.

A whole industry has evolved around staking, a simple google search will bring up many sites that specialise in staking poker players and most poker forums have a section for staking. The chances are that the bill will fail or it will be altered, the WSOP have a big voice in LV and this bill will cost them dearly.