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We have a number of venues that get 30,40,50 players at their Grassroots Poker nights every week. You can visit the venues on their poker nights and see for yourself, find the venues here. You do not need any experience. League fees are just £20 per week, we are cheaper than all leagues in the UK, yet, we pay the highest cash prizes.


Highest Prizes in the UK

We have paid more in prize money than has been collected in fees for the past three years. No other poker league does this, in fact, some leagues such as Redtooth Poker, Nuts Poker League, High5 make profits by withholding fees as earnings. Our Quarterly Final has paid a minimum of £3,000 for over 3 years, the highest in the UK.

No Experience Required

You do not need any experience, most pubs have players that are happy to help organize and we will give you all the information you require to make your nights successful.


100% Legal

If a representative from one of the well-known poker leagues tells you that you can legally charge every player as little as £1 or more, then they are lying. Do NOT jeopardize your license or risk heavy fines.Our Management Team are highly experienced and licensed to operate gaming in the UK. We know the law and are here to make sure that you are not at risk whatsoever.

Try for Free!

We are so confident that you will increase revenue, increase the number of regular visitors that we will give you a FREE MONTH TRIAL.

Also, if after 3 months you have not increased your sales, we will give you your MONEY BACK!

Free Equipment

Commit to the first Season and we will give you a 9 seater superior poker table top with speed cloth, plus a large poker chip bank, 13gr casino grade. Offer available for July/August.

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Find poker on the island. Join the league with your venue.

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Increase footfall in your venue with a low-costs, on-trend entertainment option

Great Cash Prizes

Great Cash Prizes

25% of every venue qualifies to major tournaments with massive cash prizes.